I'm Dan, an engineer at Microsoft Edge working on web standards and the web platform.
The web is the most important, exciting, and quickly-evolving development platform that exists today, and I'm exploring ways to make it better for users and developers.
I've worked to help bring a number of web standards to life including Edit Context, the CSS Custom Highlight API, import attributes, CSS module scripts, and JSON module scripts.
This journey has involved contributions in several web standards organizations: the CSS Working Group, the Web Editing Working Group, the OpenUI Community Group, TC39, and the WHATWG.
During this time I've been an active contributor to the Chromium Project, with commits spanning DOM, accessibility, CSS, JS, and editing.
Prior to my involvement in standards, I helped to complete a massive re-architecting of the core of the EdgeHTML rendering engine to enable it to meet the performance demands of the modern web.
I'm excited to continue pushing the capabilities of the web forward. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you'd like to get involved!